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Opposite of Adult Of The Week.

Censorware Project members Jonathan Wallace, Jamie McCarthy, Bennett Haselton, James Tyre, and Seth Finkelstein (former member, but one who did more than his share of the work) for maintaining the archive of information about blocking software at

Ann Beeson, Chris Hansen, Bruce Ennis, and their legal teams at the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Library Association fighting in Congress and the court system against various Internet censorship proposals targeting people under 18.

"Saruman" Eddy L O Jansson and Matthew Skala, for reverse-engineering CYBERsitter Net Nanny as well as later providing the means to decrypt Cyber Patrol's blocked-site list, all of which required no small amount of work and technical talent.

Jon Katz, author of what is believed to be the first (and almost the only) articles online supporting minors' free speech rights on the Internet: "The Kids Are All Right" and "The Rights of Children in the Digital Age", both published in the summer of 1996 before Peacefire even existed. Katz has written several articles since then about blocking software, Peacefire, and minors' rights in general. His book Geeks: How Two Lost Boys Rode the Internet out of Idaho (look closely at that link -- we don't get a referral bonus!) is the true story of two teenage boys who use the Internet and their own intelligence to acquire great technical skills in the middle of dead-end "Idaho Mormon country", and move on to Internet-age jobs in Chicago.

In areas other than Internet censorship--

Rita Swan, for long-standing campaigns against preventable child deaths due to children's lack of medical rights independent of their parents.

Alexia Parks, for raising awareness of physical torture and deaths occurring in "prison camps" used for religious training of people under 18, or used to "shock" gay children back to heterosexuality.

Jordan Riak, for campaigns against the use of violence against students under 18 in schools.