How to bypass Blue Coat filters and/or K9 Web Protection

Blue Coat systems makes Web filtering products for schools, workplaces, and libraries, which are often integrated with other blocking programs like Websense. Blue Coat also makes their own home filter called K9 Web Protection targeted at home users.

To bypass the Blue Coat filter and/or K9 Web Protection, sign up for our proxy mailing list, the Circumventor list. The Circumventor list mails out new "proxy" sites several times per week; typing one of these proxy websites into your web browser, will let you bypass Blue Coat filters. A proxy website will often get blocked by Blue Coat or K9 within days of it being released; that's why the Circumventor list mails out new proxy sites several times per week, so that the latest one is almost always unblocked.

To join the Circumventor list and start receiving new proxy sites by e-mail, enter your e-mail address below: