How to bypass the Etisalat filter

Etisalat is the dominant Internet service provider in the country of the United Arab Emirates. As has been documented in reports from the OpenNet Initiative and other sources, Internet access through Etisalat is heavily filtered. The UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) requires Etisalat (and other smaller, competing ISPs) to filter Internet access. Internet filtering under Etisalat is done using SmartFilter, an American-made Internet censorship program originally developed to censor Internet access in schools and workplaces.

You may be able to get around Internet blocking in the UAE temporarily by using a proxy site like, however most such sites are already blocked by SmartFilter and hence blocked in the UAE as well.

The solution is to join our "Circumventor" mailing list where we send out new proxy sites several times per week. We have tested the sites mailed out by our list, against the Smartfilter filtering program, and new sites almost always stay unblocked at least until the next sites have been mailed out, so the most recent site will usually work to get around Smartfilter. To sign up to receive sites to bypass SmartFilter (and bypass the Etisalat filtering), enter your e-mail address below: