How to disable Net Nanny

Method 1

To disable Net Nanny temporarily:

Press CTRL, ALT, and DELETE simultaneously, bringing up the task manager Highlight "Wnldr32" and click 'End Task'.

This will kill Net Nanny until the next time you restart your computer. After you restart your computer or restart Windows, Net Nanny will be running again.

To disable Net Nanny permanently:

Open the file c:\windows\system.ini. Under the section marked "[boot]", there should be a line labeled "drivers=" with some stuff listed after it. Remove the word "wndrv16.dll" from the "drivers=" line. (If there are other words listed on the "drivers=" line, leave them there, just remove "wndrv16.dll".) Save changes to the file and restart your computer.

After you restart your computer, Net Nanny should be permanently gone.

Other stuff:

To clear the log file without needing the admin password:

Go to C:\Netnanny (or whatever directory it's been installed into)
Delete the file "Wnn3.log"
NOTE: This file can't be edited, as it seems to be encrypted, but this will sucessfully clear the entire log without any passwords necessary.

     - Contributed by Pete Allen

Method 2

These instructions were taken from Glen Roberts's "Nurse Your Net Nanny" page. They were written in October 1996 so they might not work for more recent versions of Net Nanny.


1. Press CTRL-ALT-DEL all at the same time
2. Select OCRAWARE
3. Click on the button END TASK

(To re-enable Net Nanny Restart your system.)


1. Type C:
2. Type CD \
4. Type REM in front of the line DEVICE=C:\NN\NNDRV.SYS
5. Reboot your system
Or, use notepad from Windows to edit the file.

(To re-enable Net Nanny remove the REM and reboot your system.)