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Some commercial sites and service providers blocked by CYBERsitter

All user web pages hosted by any of the following companies are blocked. If this seems extreme--it is, especially since CYBERsitter has the ability to block individual URL's without banning an entire domain.
CRIS, the web space owned by mega-ISP Concentric.
The web server for Time New Media. Blocked in response to their publishing a search engine which can be used to look up which sites are blocked by CYBERsitter.

Also known as Community ConneXion and "The Internet Privacy Provider", C2.Net is a former provider of anonymous shell accounts and now manufacturers high-security web server software.

The Village Voice
An online e-zine, probably banned for running Bennett Haselton's CYBERsitter joke: "If you make a web page that says 'Gary Bauer is...'". (See the CYBERsitter humor page for the rest of it.)

ECHO Communications
The New-York-based ECHO Communications at is a named plaintiff in the ACLU's challenge to the New York Communications Decency Act.

Illuminati Online
One of the largest ISPs in Texas. IO evolved from a BBS run by Steve Jackson Games, which became famous when the Secret Service seized its equipment in 1990. The SS was later forced to return it and pay damages and legal fees, in a lawsuit that set precedents for freedom of speech online. -- Active Windows
A service provider which hosts, a gay/lesbian outdoor sports organization. The domain is blocked as well.

A California-based provider.