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Some educational Servers blocked by CYBERsitter

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University.
Ironically, this site mentions the story of a young CMU undergraduate, Josh Knauer, who went on to found Envirolink, the largest clearinghouse of environmental information on the Internet. The Animal Rights sections of the Envirolink web site are banned by Cyber Patrol. -- the primary web server of the University of Oregon. In high irony, this server hosts the Oregon Daily Emerald, a student publication whose archives include an essay on Internet censorship in which the author wrote:

Furthermore, an increasing variety of software designed to screen out potentially offensive content is becoming available to home computer users. Parents now have many options to protect their children from sexual material, including personally monitoring children's online activities, restricting their Internet sessions with passwords, and using screening software.
To the author's credit, the Darkwing server probably had not been banned yet at the time (January 1996) that the essay was written.

The University of Virginia "Information Technology and Communication" server. -- the host serving three student home pages at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The Department of Astronomy at Smith Community College. Includes the American Astronomical Society "Educational Initiative". -- the web server of the School of Engineering at the University of Michigan.

The CalArts Computer Animation Laboratory pages at CalArts University.