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Some non-profit sites blocked by CYBERsitter

The National Organization for Women
The best-known political group that is blocked by CYBERsitter. "If N.O.W. doesn't like it, tough," Brian Milburn said in the CyberWire Dispatch article on blocking software. "We have not and will not bow to any pressure from any organization that disagrees with our philosophy." Milburn later admitted that N.O.W. was blocked for linking to information about "alternative lifestyles".

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
"Achieving Human Rights and Freedoms for Sexual Minorities Worldwide." Supplies educational information regarding human rights abuses directed against gays and lesbians in the United States and other countries. Publishes the Emergency Response Network, a newsletter to assist organizers in different countries by generating widespread responses to their campaigns.

The Penal Lexicon
A web site based in the United Kingdom dedicated to raising awareness of prison conditions in the U.K. and elsewhere. The webmaster, Steve Robinson-Grindey, was told in the summer of 1996 that his site was being blocked by CYBERsitter. The site remained banned even after complaints from Mr. Robinson-Grindley, despite the fact that all but two of the 2,000 pages qualified for the lowest possible RSACi rating, and those two were pages of poems written by prisoners which included "mild profanity", according to the webmaster.

The Ethical Spectacle
The Ethical Spectacle is a literary e-zine run by Jonathan Wallace, who was a named plaintiff in the ACLU's challenge to the Communications Decency Act. The New York Times online ran an article on the Spectacle being blocked by CYBERsitter. When Mr. Wallace heard that Peacefire's ISP had been threatened by Solid Oak Software as a result of our CYBERsitter page, he informed them that he was setting up a mirror of the page (at, which was what caused his site to be banned. The Ethical Spectacle web site also includes The Auschwitz Alphabet, a prosaic tribute to the victims of Auschwitz.

This web site,
CYBERsitter also filters the word "Peacefire" out of web pages and e-mail. For about three weeks in December, CYBERsitter was also being programmed to filter the word "Haselton" as well (Bennett Haselton is the coordinator of Peacefire who posted the original CYBERsitter page).

The Human Awareness Institute
"Aims to create a world where people live in dignity, respect, understanding, trust, kindness, honesty, compassion and love." No information from CYBERsitter as to why this kind of site would be blocked.

Internex Online
"Internet Connectivity for Individuals". A provider based in Toronto, Ontario. Their server includes the National Organization of People Attacking Sales of Tobacco to Youth (NO PATSY).