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Some sites blocked in the past by CYBERsitter

The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link
One of the largest online communities in the world, the WELL sponsors conferences held by many non-profit organizations. Said Mark Kanter of Solid Oak Software, explaining their decision to ban the WELL, "They are one of the most disgusting servers out there. They don't monitor their users, and they allow pornography." No explanation has been given as to why the WELL was unblocked in December.

The Institute for Global Communications
A server dedicated to hosting web sites progressive, non-profit organizations. Originally hosted a number of gay rights pages which prompted CYBERsitter to block the domain (CYBERsitter also filters the words "homosexual" and "gay rights" from web pages before they are displayed in the web browser.)

Mother Jones
A progressive magazine named for the late labor organizer Mary Harris "Mother" Jones. The magazine was originally blocked for running a few articles dealing with gay rights that were brought to the attention of Solid Oak Software's blocking staff.
After these articles had expired and Mother Jones had been unblocked, two MoJo reporters wrote to Solid Oak to follow up on the story of CYBERsitter blocking the Peacefire site. They received an automatic response from "The Terminator " accusing them of "harassment" and warning them not to contact Solid Oak again.

A California-based service provider whose site includes "TV Video Treasures: Specializing in Classic Television Programs on 16 MM Film.