Rogue CYBERsitter graphics gallery

Don't Buy CYBERsitter -- created by Jonathan Wallace of The Ethical Spectacle. CYBERsitter blocked when Wallace set up his own mirror of our CYBERsitter page. Please use this graphic to link to The Ethical Spectacle or his mirror of our page.
Note: CYBERsitter is now filtering out the string "cs.gif", so if you download the image please rename it something else at random, or else it will not show up on web pages when viewed through CYBERsitter. The phrase "Don't buy CYBERsitter" is now also being filtered, but CYBERsitter can't block text that is part of an image.

Two graphics created by Curtis Campbell. Just about the right size for use in the Internet Link Exchange program. Hmmm...

Abuse Dangereux -- created by Jerome Thorel of the French Lambda Bulletin for an article (in English) about CYBERsitter's threats. Remember to give credit to Jerome Thorel ( when reproducing this graphic.

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