Communicator security hole demo

Hi. This page demonstrates a minor security flaw in Netscape Communicator 4.x for Windows. There is some confusion about the reasons for this bug being discovered, and why it (along with a recently discovered security hole in HotMail) was posted on the Web site, which is mainly an anti-Internet-censorship resource for teenagers. I need to explain one thing:

The Web site also has tools and instructions for circumventing many popular "censorware" packages such as Cyber Patrol and SurfWatch. We do this because we are fundamentally against what these companies are doing, and the negative image that they are promoting of teenagers as helpless and intellectually lazy. We are not "against" what HotMail and Netscape are doing (it's hard to see how anyone could be); the reason the security holes in HotMail and Netscape have been published on this Web site, is to alert people to their existence, and make them aware of the precautions that they should take.

Netscape and HotMail both thanked us for the work we did uncovering security flaws in their products and helping them to get them fixed. In both cases, when we contacted the media, it was only on the condition that the reporters had to hold off on publishing the story until Netscape/HotMail had had a chance to fix the security bug.

These bugs fall into a completely separate category from the "hacks" that we have posted for programs like Cyber Patrol. We believe that thinking for yourself is a skill that should be learned before you're 18, not afterwards, and the drive to protect people under 18 from "indecency" is what has led politicians to ban mothers from breast-feeding in public or to bash NBC for showing Schindler's List on television.

Now, what you really came here for: the Communicator 4.x security flaw demo.