Hi and welcome to AutoDave, the Automated Dave Barry Column Generator!

This Web site is not affiliated with the Miami Herald or Dave Barry, who published the URL "aintnowebsite.com" in a recent column. I registered the URL after his column was published, and I figured that the editors of the Herald would probably change the URL in the column once they found out someone had taken it. Sometime around July 19 they actually did change the URL in the column from "aintnowebsite.com" to "aintnowebsite.c0m". That's a zero on the end, not a capital letter "O" (changing the "o" to a capital "O" wouldn't have had any effect, since web server names are not case sensitive).

The URL used to redirect visitors to the front page of this site, but eventually I figured that people following a link from the Herald page would probably be more interested in AutoDave. Try it out.